Automatic Zeo Reactor - Phosban Reactor - Overflow Box & Siphon - High-Tech Sump - Aquarium Stand

DIY Automatic Zeo Reactor (In development!)
  • Automatic cleaning of rocks!
  • Jam free design!

DIY Phosban Reactor
  • Large volume & High capacity!
  • Two cylinders for different media usage!
  • Easy tuning and cleaning
  • Can be used with or without sump

DIY Overflow Box & Siphon
  • Double sided overflow - Twice the overflow length!
  • Dead silent!
  • Single box - No external box!
  • Restarts automatically every time!
  • Easy cleaning
  • No flooding!

DIY Sump (High-Tech)
  • Integrated topp off water section
  • Flow back - No flooding!
  • Integrated quarantine / waterchange section with bypass
  • Non-stop Waterchange! (with all equipment still running)
  • Integrated cooling section

DIY Aquarium Stand
  • Good looking!
  • 1 meter high, plenty of room
  • Soundproofing design

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