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Temperature and Humidity Monitoring with Arduino - Project Home

Arduino-based Home Climate Server with wireless temperature and humidity sensors
The Arduino acts both as a radio receiver, decoding the sensor telegrams, and a web client/server posting the sensor values to a number of cloud data websites.

The Radio part collects data from a number of wireless sensors (TFA 30.3125) using a 433 MHz radio receiver hardware (Aurel RX-4M50RR30SF). The sensors outputs both temperature and humidity information. The protocol for the TFA 30.3125 sensors and some Arduino source code for decoding the signals can be found here.

The web client/server part uses the Arduino Ethernet Shield and posts data to number of free internet based data collection services.

Currently the system supports the following storage options:

In addition the system also supports time update from UDP or time extraction from the http header from any web server.

The system currently logs Temperature and Humidity from nine sensors located at:

  • Outside x 2 (utomhus)
  • Inside x 2 (inomhus)
  • Garage (garage)
  • Atttic (vind)
  • Crawl space (krypgrund)
  • Lodge (friggebod)
  • Conservatory (uterum)


Some usefull links
ThingSpeak - Free data collection service
Cosm (former Pachube) - Free data collection service
Open.sen.se - Free data collection service
temperatur.nu - Swedish temperature collection service
Neseweb - TFA 30.3125 protocol and example code
TFA 30.3125 Datasheet - Wireless Temperature and Humidity sensors
Aurel RX-4M50RR30SF - Radio hardware datasheet

Current outside temperature:

SensorTempRHAH (g/m3)
Outside (2)
Crawl space
Inside (2)